• Bunn 3 gallon iced tea brewer

    Bunn 3 gallon iced tea brewer

    High volume iced tea brewer and dispenser

    • Brews 16.3 to 26.7 gallons (61.7 to 101.1 liters) per hour from real tea leaves.
    • Brews directly into any style portable Server.
    • Meet your volume needs; brew 3 gallons (11.36 liters) of iced tea at a time.
    • Splash Guard funnel deflects hot liquids away from the hand.
    • Adjustable steep time for more control over flavor extraction

  •  Flavorburst iced tea dispenser

    Flavorburst iced tea dispenser

    Rugged stainless steel construction

    • Consistent finished drink brix and taste
    • Easily adjusted for concentrates of 3:1 ratio to 20:1
    • Fast and consistent flow rate - up to 2 ounces per second
    • Built-in pressure regulator compensates for waterline pressure fluctuations
    • Mixing valve is easily removable for thorough cleaning
    • Energy efficient and service free
    • Counter saving compact design