We offer the following varietals:

• Colombian Supremo
• Costa Rica Tarrazu
• French Roast
• Guatemala Antigua
• Kenya AA
• Mexican Altura
• Mocha Java
• Zimbabwe
• Kona Fancy
• Costa Rica SWP Decaf

What is a varietal?

One coffee berry will produce two coffee beans except when that berry is the single, round peaberry, which is often separated out and sold as a special, unique varietal bean. Varietal beans are characterized by where they grow. The best growing locations are in the coffee growing belt; a narrow region near the equator with tropical climates averaging 70F degrees. The flavor of the bean is unique to its growing region, the elevation of the trees, and the degree of roasting. Varietals beans by themselves are NOT flavored coffees, though each has their own unique flavor. Flavored coffees are made by adding extracts and other flavoring to the beans during the roasting process.