Liquid roast coffee

Frozen Liquid Coffee Concentrate lets you offer all the rich flavor you’ve come to expect with the added convenience and flexibility of on-demand liquid coffee equipment.

Benefits of liquid coffee concentrate:

• Great tasting, fresh-brewed coffee on demand, anytime
• Dependable state-of-the-art brewing equipment for high/low volume and speciality coffee drinks
• Eliminates waste associated with traditional brewers - no stale coffee, no leftover coffee to throw out, no messy coffee grounds to dispose of, no pots to clean and no paper filters to change
• Labor savings on brewing and cleaning equipment
• Flexibility to brew by cup, pot, airpot or high-volume requirements
• 3 regular blends and 2 decaf blends to meet all customer needs
• No preservatives - 100% pure coffee concetrate
• Delivers the volume required, preventing overbrewing and underbrewing
• Environmentally friendly packaging


Choose from a variety of rich blends:

Premium Roast
100% Colombian
100% Colombian Decaf
Dark Roast

Brewing equipment

Cafitesse 50Cafitesse 50.
The Cafitesse 50 has a compact and attractive design. The Cafitesse 50 is the ideal solution for small business units requiring freshly brewed coffee at the simple touch of a button. Selections include coffee cup or pot and hot water. The Cafitesse 50 has a removable water tank that makes placement very flexible as it can be moved to different locations quickly and easily

Cafitesse 100Cafitesse 100 series
The Cafitesse 100 series includes two dispenser types and is the perfect choice for locations where the demand of coffee varies throughout the day and where black coffee is heavily requested.

Cafitesse 400Cafitesse 400 series
The Cafitesse 400 series includes 6 dispenser types and is the ideal solution for locations requiring varieties (black coffee, cappuccino, espresso, hot chocolate) and/or large volumes of freshly brewed coffee during peak hours. Cafitesse 400 holds two ingredients packs. Popular examples include coffee-milk or coffee-chocolate.

Cafitesse 700Cafitesse 700 series
The Cafitesse 700 series offer a broad variety of drinks to your customers and employees. 9 programmable buttons serve a huge selection of drinks based on coffee, milk and chocolate. With the cold/hot water outlet, Cafitesse 700 covers all needs for drinks.